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Klear Kut

A Ugandan 5-piece that have become one of the country’s foremost Hip-Hop outfits. Papito, Navio, JB, Lungman and The Mith perform in varied styles that set them apart from other acts, as they combine smooth Hip-Hop with harder underground rapping in French and Swahili.

Klear Kut have made inroads in Kenya and were nominated at the 2002 Kora Awards in South Africa. The album “K²” was released in December 2003.


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Un quintet de l'Uganda qui est devenu l'une des formations les plus en vogue. Papito, Navio, JB, Lungman et The Mith rappent en anglais, swahili et en français.

Le groupe bénéficie d'une notoriété au Kenya et été nominé pour un Kora Award en 2002. L'album "K²" est sorti en décembre 2003. 

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