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Born in Treichville, one of Abidjan's hotspots, Kajeem has been appearing across the town since the early 90s. He created Ngowa Posse and through the MUR (university rap movement), became one of the town's foremost toasters. In 1997, his first album "N'Gowa" was distributed throughout the country and earned several awards, including best Ragga Artist 1998 and Hip-Hop revelation 1999.

"Positif" in 2003, is a result of international encounters, a mix of reggae, ragga and soul that blends the mystical roots reggae of the 70s with today's digital sounds. The highly engaged texts denounce injustice and oppression but bring a positive note.


"N'Gowa" 1997
"Revelation Time" 1999
"La voix du ciel" (the voice of heaven) 2000
"Positif" 2003


Kajeem, the offficial site (in English and French)

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