Hip Hop Won't Stop, from Black Noise

Highly-rated South African outfit that have been pioneering Hip-Hops since the eighties.

Des pionniers du Hip-Hop sud-Africain depuis les années 80.

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Black Noise

Black Noise is a 5 member hip hop collective from Cape Town, South Africa founded in 1988. Their performance includes interactive songs with live DJ'ing, rapping, breakdancing and Capoeira on stage. Black Noise are noted for their live performances, whether it is on huge festival stages or in small classroom situations. The group founded the first Hip-Hop magazine in South Africa, caled "da Juice", in 1993.


"Pumpin' Loose da Juice"
"Hip Hop Won't Stop" (Amazon US)
"Circles of Fire"
"Jam Session"
Check them now on iTunes: Black Noise

Un groupe de 5 rappers fondé en 1998, connu pour leurs show animés de DJ, rap et Capoeira. Ils ont travaillés sur à peu près toutes les scènes et visitent la Scandinavie. Black Noise a fondé le premier magzine Hip-Hop en Afrique du Sud en 1993, Da Juice.

Links: Black Noise.za (in English)

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