Moroccan rapper, now active in Germany, that raps in English, German and Arabic.

Le rappeur marocain Banaissa  joue actuellement en allemagne. Il rappe en anglais, allemand et en arabe.

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Born in Nador, Morocco, Banaissa grew up in Germany, where he showed interest in Hip-hop and Break-dancing at an early age. After a few brushes with the law, he began recording and rapping in German and English. In the summer 1999, he was one of the members of the R&B group Shearim, and created with Legz the RWS duo "Twiggz". In 2001 the son of the singer and guitarist Rafael de Alcala was interested in Hip-Hop and recorded Banaissa’s first album "Round 1 Fight".

Banaissa took the opportunity to create Kanaktion in 2002, a collective of rappers, singers and b-Boys from 15 different nations. This inspired him to write in Berber. With the producers Veight Semrau and Jean Batist, he produced the first tracks for his second album "Knockout", finishing it with Alcala Jr. He also worked with the black club DJ OD Awg.

Abdi and Redge, the two miracle voices of Kanaktion followed and he developed the group "Da B.R.E.A.K" (Banaissa, Redge, OD AWG, Abdi, KC), releasing "It's Me" and "Party Tonite". They played in Germany, France and Poland before separating from KC and changing names to "ar&be bandits" pronounced "R&B bandit" with Adam Polotzek (Mr. Boundless).


"Round 1 Fight"  2001
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