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Rap artists from Africa

It could be argued that African has the most essential - and therefore the most vibrant - rap and hip-hop scene. Where else is rap as important? This is a selection of artists that are active on the scene. We add to it regularly.

Amkoullel. Committed Malian artist, the maker of "In faculté" and "Surafin".

Antilop Sa. French based rapper of Congolese origin on a mission "to take rap out of the ghetto".

Didier Awadi. Founding member of the seminal Positive Black Soul, now a solo artist and label boss.

Dr Scenthole. A rising star in Nigeria, the maker of "Quack Love" and "Learn From Me".

Shaka Babs. Former member of Pee Froiss, now playing a high-octane blend of Mandingo, Zulu and Swahili Hip-Hop.

Banaissa. Moroccan rapper now active in Germany with Da B.R.E.A.K.

Bataka. Hip-Hop pioneers from Uganda that have been quiet of late.

Black Noise. Pioneers from the South African scene, and regular visitors to Scandinavia.

Daara J. Winners of the Best African Artists award at the Awards for World Music in 2003 - another powerhouse act from Senegal.

Dhalaï-K. A Benin four-piece outfit that raps in French and Fon.  Its members also appear regularly with French rappers.

Fresk Tough rap, that combines the sounds of Central Africa with underground Hip-Hop and Jazz.

Godessa This trio from South Africa are almost veterans of the scene (sorry girls) with a good number of  releases. They work regularly with other outfits.

Hamma  Pioneering hardcore Algerian outfit: "remembering 11 years of massacres, torture, summary executions and censorship".

JJC & 419 Squad. Nigerian outfit featuring Skillz from Big Brovaz that are very active in the UK,.

Kajeem.  Award winning ragga-rap singer from Abidjan, Ivory Coast.

Kallitz. Cape Town trio, makers of "Die Ding  Ruk Mal".

Klear Kut. Ugandan 5-piece that was nominated for a Kora Award in 2002.

Lord Ekomy Ndong. Not much filters from Gabon. But Lord Ekomy Ndong (aka M16) has released a powerhouse first album called "L'Afrikain".

Maskiri. Controversial yet highly rated rapper from Zimbabwe.

Pee Froiss Currently Senegal's most active rap outfit.

Positive Black Soul One of the groups to bring African rap truly to an international level.

P-Wada. An incredible performer that set Guinea alight with the radio-friendly album "Sagadapo" in April 2004.

Rak Tak Squad. A powerhouse of rap in Senegal that make good use of their different influences. Must be seen live.

Trezor. Congolese rapper, now active in Brussels.

Wa bmg 44: Militant in every meaning of the word. Hardcore from a hood near Dakar.

Wass-Wong: Probably Niger's foremost rap outfit, regular performers on the local scene and on radio.

X-Plastaz: Rap from the Maasai tribe - and believe me this is a trip! Their stunning live shows are backed up with some serious music - and the vocals of Yamat Ole Meipuko.

Yeleen. Thought-provoking Hip-Hop with strong African overtones from Burkina Faso.

Yéli Fuzzo: Probably the best-known rapper in Mali, and a former member of Black Authority/Fenga Fing. is another funky gig from

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