Antilop Sa: Encre en guise de larmes

After playing with ATK (Avoue que tu kiffe - admit you dig it), Antilop Sa released a debut solo album in France in 2004.

L'encre en guise de larmes

Nocif (ATK)

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Antilop Sa

Although born in the Congo, Tony Locko has never been back. For the past 10 years, he has been working on the French rap scene.

His debut solo album "L'encre en guise de larmes"  (Ink instead of tears) benefitted from the support of a mjor label in France when released in February 2004.

"The album is built like a film, giving different aspects of my life," he told Unlike many rappers from the 'hood, Antilop Sa does not preach. "I'm trying to take rap out of the ghettoes," he says.

"Nocif" (as part of ATK)
"L'encre en guise de larmes".

Li nks: Interview on (in French) is another funky gig from

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