Yéli Fuzzo: Je rap donc je suis

After playing with Fanga Fing, Yéli Fuzzo released a solo album, "Je rap donc je suis", and was included on the "Global Hip-Hop" compilation in 2004.

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Yéli Fuzzo

A member of Black Authority, now better known as Fanga Fing (a literal translation of Black Authority), Yéli Fuzzo is recognsied as a major performer in Mali.  After becoming regualr guests on local Hip-Hop radio shows, they released a first single which became the country's best-selling Hip-Hop release.

The group gradually became the country's leading rap outfit, drawing up to 5,000 poeple to one show. Release include "Bamako City" and the album "Fanga Follo" in 2000.

In 2002 Yéli Fuzzo left the group and recorded with a number of acts including Magic Black Men and SNK. His debut solo release, "je rap donc je suis", was release in 2003, making Fuzzo as famous as Teken Jah Fakoly in Mali.

There is talk of him working with Fanga Fing again. Meanwhile a track of his, "Ladji Kabako", was included on the "Global Hip-Hop" compilation.


Links: Yéli Fuzzo on Facebook (mostly in French)

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