X-Plastaz: Maasai Hip-Hop

Africa's East Coast scene is vastly different from the West Coast. Of all the groups to come from there, X-Plastaz are perhaps the most distinctive.

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X-Plastaz are probably the best-known name on the Tanzanian hip-hop scene, and occasional visitors to Europe. The group consists of 3 grown-up MCs, two young rappers and a Maasai singer. X-Plastaz show that the rural culture of the Maasai people can be meaningful on a far wider level.

Their debut, self-recorded album "Maasai Hip-Hop" was released in August 2004 in Germany.


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L'un de grands groupes de Hip-Hop en Tanzanie, et des visiteurs réguliers en Europe. Le groupe est formé de 3 MCs, 2 jeunes rappers et un chanteur Maasai à  la voix étonnante. X-Plastaz montre que la culture rurale des Maasai peut avoir une signification bien au-delà de leurs frontières.

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