Kallitz "Die Ding Ruk Mal"

Trio from Cape Town noted for their lyrics.

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Cape Town Afrikaans Hip Hop outfit Kallitz (pronounce ‘coloreds’) are Boere and Dokter from Bellville South, complemented by Skelm from Kuilsriver. Their no-nonsense lyrics introduce South African realities on tracks such as ‘Moordenaar’, ‘Skelm’, ‘Rop Jou’, ‘Situasies’ and ‘Nagmerries’. The darker side is balanced with good-time choons such as ‘Oppie Yaat’, and the title track are a celebration of party life and ‘lamming’. The album is noted only for tight beats by producer Dokter, but also for its depth. Its release earned the group impressive radio airplay.  


"Die Ding Ruk Mal"  2004

Un trio de Cape Town qui est connu pour des paroles qui reflètenet la réalité des townships, sans oublier un certain sesn de la fête. Kallitz joue beaucoup chez eux, aussi bien dans des clubs que dans des prisons. Leur premier album "Die Ding Ruk Mal" leur a valu beaucoup de passages radio.

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