JJC & 419 Squad: Atide


After playing with Big Brovaz ("Nu Life"), JJC & 419 Squad released "Atide" in 2003.

Atide (Amazon UK)

Big Brovaz "Nu Flow" (Amazon Fr)

Big Brovaz "Nu Flow" (Amazon US - also available used)

Global Hip-Hop (Amazon UK)

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Born in Nigeria, Abdul Rasheed Bello Locko moved to the UK when just 14. He very quickly got involved in the rap and hip-hop scene, naturally switching between English and Yoruba. He started working with a schoolmate on a project that eventually became the South London posse Big Brovaz that released their own material. They went on to have a Top 3 hit with "Nu Flow".

JJC's solo album "Atide" is a cocktail of Hip-Hop, Afro-Beat and Hi-Life.

JJC (from the derogatory term "Johnny Just Come" for African newcomers) also runs an African Hip-Hop column on BBC Radio 3's "African on Your Street".


Nu Flow (with Big Brvaz)

Né en Nigéria, Abdul Rasheed Bello Locko arrive au Royaume-Uni  à l'age de 14 ans. Très rapidement, il décourvre le rap et hip-hop scene, mélangeant spontanément l'anglais avec son Yoruba maternel. A l'école déjà, il travaille avec un collègue dans une foramtion qui deviendra le posse Big Brovaz, qui sort leur propre matériel. Plus tard, ils auront un succès avec le titre "Nu Flow" (chez Next Music en France).

L'album solo de JJC "Atide" est un mélage de Hip-Hop, Afro-Beat et Hi-Life.
JJC (de l'expression "Johnny Just Come") contribue au site "African on Your Street" de la BBC Radio 3.

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